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Would you like to be a part of Anchored in Truth Ministries? Would you like to help us strengthen pastors, church leaders, and Christians across the world for the glory of God? You can join the effort by giving to the ministries of Anchored in Truth.

Like all non-profit organizations, Anchored in Truth is not building wealth. All gifts are used for the advancement of the mission of the ministry--seeking to glorify God by planting or revitalizing the church. We are receiving requests daily for materials and resources to help pastors and church planters who are committed to truth. Your gift will make it possible to fulfill the requests for sound Bible materials.

Your one-time gift of any amount will help us continue the work to advance the Gospel through biblical preaching and true churches! Or commit to a monthly gift. You can help sustain the ministry throughout the year by authorizing a recurring gift to be given on the first of each month.

Are you a church looking for ways to invest in God's work around the world? Consider including us in your mission budget. Anchored in Truth exists to provide a glory of God focused, Christ honoring, Bible saturated, local church centered missions outlet for like-minded pastors and churches. Your gifts can be multiplied by combining with others.  Note: Our goal is to strengthen, not undermine, the local church.

Please do not give to Anchored in Truth if you are not faithful in giving to your local church.  Your gifts are tax-deductible.  A statement of your annual giving will be mailed to you each year during the month of January.  

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